Wish List

Welcome to the EIBC wish list page.  We go through a lot of random things to run programming for our summer program.  You can take 2 different action steps on this page.

1. Click on the button to go to our Amazon wishlist page.  From here you can browse through the items we have listed.  If you find something you think “I’d like to purchase that for the camp!”  You can purchase directly and have it shipped right to the camp.

2.  You can look at some of our other needs and project ideas and donate any amount toward that project.  Just click on the donate button and that will take you to our donation page where you can donate any amount.  If you would like it to be designated toward something specific, drop us an email or call the office #319-655-7693 and let us know where you would like those funds applied.

customFunding Needed for:

  • New Gravel for driveway $2500
  • 2 Giant Connect Four Games $2500
  • Swing Set $2500
  • Full Size Soccer Goals $2500
  • A Frame Wooden Swings $1500
  • 2 Canoes $1200
  • Pond Dock $3000
  • Concrete for human foosball court $2500
  • Inflatable Commercial Slide $4000
  • New Trees $2500
  • New bunk mattresses to replace ones that are worn $150 each
  • New heavy duty fire rings $250 for quantity of 5