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What time does camp start on Monday?

Registration begins at 1pm for all of our camps. The registration process goes quickly, but it’s still a good idea to show up a little early to get in line.

Where is registration?

When you arrive at EIBC, we will have very clear signage out directing you to where the registration area is. Our physical address is: 1433 F52 Trail Deep River, IA  52222 Sometimes GPS does not like our address.  Try searching for East Iowa Bible Camp on your GPS if you have trouble.  We find this works better with   some GPS providers and cell phone carriers

What time is check out?

All of our full-week camps end on Saturday morning at 9:30am.  We hold a final wrap-up chapel service at 9am that all parents and caregivers are welcome to attend.  If you want to see and hear a little bit of what your camper experienced, come to our final chapel service at 9am.

Do you have a list of things to bring?

Check out our ultimate EIBC packing list by clicking here. You can even print it out and check off items as you go!

Where do I send mail/packages to my camper?

You either send them to our physical address during the week OR even better yet, we set up bins on registration day for each day of the camp week. You can bring packages with you on registration day to drop in the bins. That way you know you don’t have to worry about whether it arrived or not and you can save all that postage cost.

What kind of activities will the campers participate in?

We schedule different fun activities throughout the day. Check out our “Let’s go Outside” page to see a sampling with your own eyes.

What do you do in case of bad weather?

All of our youth counselors carry cell phones.  We allow this primarily for emergencies as a great way to communicate with all of our leaders.  We are constantly monitoring the weather report and we have emergency weather radios and applications that warn us automatically of bad weather.  In the summer time we deal mostly with heavy rain, wind, and tornado watches/warnings.  We do our very best to move students to safe places long before the weather strikes.  If we know a storm is coming in the late night hours, we will even move students to safe places several hours before so we know everyone is accounted for and as safe as possible.

How do you handle homesick campers?

We do our very best to help a homesick camper get excited about what is happening next. We want them to know that we don’t want them to miss out.   We try to be as nurturing as possible because we understand it can be a big step to come to a week of camp; especially for the young ones. Calling home is usually the last option. We know that once a camper talks to mom/dad, that often causes them to fall deeper into homesickness.  If keeping the camper upbeat about the next thing isn’t working, we may ask the camper if they would like one of our leaders to call a parent.  We will do this and find it works sometimes to assure the camper that, “I have talked to mom and she would really like you to try and stick it out for the day to see how you feel later.”  If this reassurance doesn’t work, we may allow them to call home, and even offer for them to go home.  At some point it can become a distraction for the other campers and we send campers home to allow the best experience for all.

Can I send my camper to a different camp outside of their age group?

We get this phone call fairly often.  “My 6th grader has friends going to the 7th/8th grade camp, can they go?”  The answer we often give is that if you as the parent or caregiver feel your child will do well moving one age group up or one age group down, we are okay with that.  Please call the office and let us know before you register.  319-655-7693