For Parents

Executive Director Andy Gross and his family: Ginny, AJ, Henry, Elaina, and Lucy
That’s me on the far left circa 1986 at camp with my camp buddies

Dear Parents,

For those of you who are checking out East Iowa Bible Camp as a possible place to send your child this summer, we are honored you have taken the time to check us out.  For those of you who send your kids already: thank you for the opportunity to serve your family!

I want to take just a minute to share a little bit of my personal history with EIBC.  My family has been involved in EIBC nearly since it’s beginning in 1944.  My mom attended camp here when she was a child, my grandfather served on the board of directors, and both my older brother and sister attended camp here as a kid and worked at EIBC on summer staff.  I myself started attending EIBC the summer between my 2nd and 3rd grade year in school, and attending summer after summer became my favorite week of the year.  Later I would work on summer staff in the summer 1995, 1998, and 1999.  In many ways I got the full EIBC experience.  

In short, EIBC has been very special to me for a long time.  I have served here as Executive Director since August of 2012, and I can confidently testify that GOD IS DOING SOMETHING AT CAMP!  We have seen campers and staff alike make strides in their journey with our great God.  In fact, even those of us who are around all year have grown and seen the power of God at work here.

We understand it can be a big step to send your child off to camp for the first time, and it can be a big step to send them even when you have done it before.  We go to great lengths to take the best care of your children when they are here.  You know what, this might be a growing experience for you, too.  

From my family to yours, welcome to EIBC!  We are honored to serve you and your family!


Andy Gross
Executive Director